RILEIGH'S CLOSET WAS STARTED 16 YEARS AGO! (1992) We are a family owned children's resale shop that buys and sells the best things kids outgrow, from families like yours.  At Rileigh's Closet you will find a clean, organized store with friendly people waiting to assist you.

Rileigh's Closet resells gently used clothing brands such as Carter’s, The Children’s Place, Gymboree, The Gap, Polo, Limited, Abercrombie and more.  In addition to clothing for your child, you’ll find shoes, boots, slippers, children’s furniture, Pack-N-Plays, books, puzzles, exersaucers, toys, swings, strollers and more - all at gently used prices.

We exchage clean, non-torn, modern, and non-stained baby  and toddler clothes on Monday and  Wednesday!  We will give you store credit for the items we keep and you can use it anytime on anything under $20.00!

We pay cash for larger baby items and large toys! They too must be totally clean and like-new, nothing broken . . . Stop in and look around!  Below are some pictures of things we have at the Closet! Baby clothes, baassenets, baby seats, and toys! Our inventory changes daily!

Here we have swings, toys, animals,and books. We also sell cribs and mattresses. We have several rooms like this one filled with clean toys and clothes,all sprayed with sterfab.Every item that comes into the store is totally cleanand sterilzed, completely ready for a child's love!

Here is another room with a display of swimming suits on the wall. hats, and bonnets, a bib rack of more suits to wear swimming this summer. . .

 This room is one of my favorites! We have exercisors, walkers, swings, baby blankets and crib sets! This is our boy's room, and it has anything a young man will want or need! Shelves of PJ's and play clothes, suits, and coats, and pack'n plays! The shelves which you can not see here are packed with trucks, tractors, coats, and shirts, Everything a kid would want! We also have riding toys, and games and oh, so much for your child! We love your children and love to see their expression when they see the store for the first time.

Be Sure to Visit this room!

Another room offers baby and toddler Baptism attire. We have some beautiful dresses there for a girl who might want to be a flower girl! I have added many different religious articles, rosaries, gifts for for First Communion, Baptism, or babies' birthdays. We have some cards, and books and other related things. . .If you can think of anything you feel would be for us to have in stock, tell us and we will look into getting it. . .Feel free to check out this room, under the stair way! Thanks!